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I so want to delete most of my old posts here and start this thing again, ugh, I was so stupid back in the days.

But I don't have that much things to say and friends here, so I don't know if it's useful, hmhmhmmmm.


I need to update this thing from time to time, haha.
But, with what, I wonder.

Nothing really interesting here...Collapse )

Some ConYuu~~

Well, because my KKM obsession is still pretty high, I wanted to post something related :'D

Here for the ConYuu :'DCollapse )

And here a lil' Wolfie xDCollapse )

Oh, and I have a vague idea for a ConYuu fic (it should be time to try to write one ! xD)
But, I think I would like to write it in English, to share it with more people, but since I'm French, it's not so easy xD
Maybe one day I'll need a beta reader for it ? x)

Pokémon Request ^^

 Just because I want to draw more of them, I'm proposing to draw a Pokémon for you !


Here for more informations =3Collapse )


Doki Doki Heyoga Memorial 8'D